Reliable Demolitions Teamed with Green Waste Management

You might expect one demolition company to be much like any other – at the end of the day you just want someone to take down your building and remove the waste. However, Rabbit Group provides something a little different. By matching our demolition service with a green waste management strategy, we don’t just ensure the demolition work is carried out efficiently and safely, we’re also able to see that the resulting waste is managed and disposed of in the best way possible.

To begin with, Rabbit Group have a diverse range of equipment, which can be drawn on for any given demolition project. This means you’re always going to get the right equipment for the job, no matter what. There is no point in using a sledgehammer to crack a nut (to coin a phrase) but nor do you want to find yourself faced with a barrier and insufficient force to take it down. It also means that whatever the job – from small buildings to large industrial sites – Rabbit is ready and able to match the demands of the project.

We understand the tools for the job and naturally we’re highly skilled in their use – so that means every demolition job is carried out safely, efficiently and to time and budget expectations.

But what happens once your building is an ex-building? Very often clients have little knowledge as to where the waste from their demolition goes. With Rabbit you can be sure that the materials generated from the demolition process will not simply go to landfill. We do not indiscriminately shovel up the waste and take it away, instead we take a proper audit and look to re-use, recycle or recover materials wherever possible.

Our ‘maximum recycling, minimum landfill’ policy is good for our customers, good for the planet and good for our business too. Rabbit’s green waste management work even includes the generation of energy from waste. That means the materials we take from your site could help deliver electricity in a clean and sustainable way to homes and businesses across the country. Indeed, through these kind of practices Rabbit Group is currently diverting over 60,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill sites every year, while generating electricity for approximately 8,000 homes.

All this comes with the assurance that you get from a fully accredited, award-winning waste management company. So it’s clear that excellence in demolition and a green approach to waste management aren’t just a ‘different’ approach – it’s the way to secure a brighter and better future.

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