Sustainability at Rabbit Demolition

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Rabbit Demolition, we recognise our responsibility to the environment in every demolition project we undertake. As a division of the Rabbit Group, we share in the Group's comprehensive commitment to sustainability, with a focused application in the demolition services sector. Our mission is to lead the way in sustainable demolition practices, ensuring that we not only meet our clients’ needs but also contribute positively to environmental conservation for future generations.

Revolutionising Demolition Practices

Energy Recovery Facility: Enhancing Sustainability in Demolition

Rabbit Demolition is uniquely positioned to leverage the Rabbit Group's state-of-the-art Energy Recovery Facility, aligning our demolition practices with the Group's sustainability goals. This collaboration allows us to:

  • Maximise Materials Recovery: All demolition waste is meticulously sorted, with recyclable materials such as metals, concrete, and timber being salvaged and redirected to appropriate recycling facilities, minimising waste.
  • Convert Waste to Energy: Non-recyclable materials are processed into biomass fuel for the Energy Recovery Facility, contributing to the production of green electricity and further reducing landfill dependency.
  • Sustainable Waste Management: Our commitment to zero waste in landfills is bolstered by our ability to recycle or repurpose the vast majority of demolition waste, demonstrating our dedication to sustainable waste management practices.

Beyond Waste Management: Comprehensive Sustainability Efforts

Rabbit Demolition's sustainability initiatives extend well beyond efficient waste management:

  • Selective Demolition: Wherever possible, we employ selective demolition techniques to preserve materials for reuse, reducing the demand for new resources and minimising waste.
  • Sustainable Site Operations: Implementing energy-efficient machinery and practices on-site to reduce our carbon footprint, including the use of low-emission vehicles and equipment.
  • Community and Environmental Safety: Ensuring that all demolition projects are executed with the utmost care for community safety and environmental preservation, including dust, noise and vibration control.

Integrating Group-Wide Sustainability Initiatives

Group-Level Environmental Practices:

  • Transition to Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Rabbit Demolition participates in the Rabbit Group's initiative towards a greener fleet, adopting electric and hybrid vehicles where viable to minimise our environmental impact across all areas of operation.
  • Paperless Operations: In line with the Group's digitalisation efforts, we've significantly reduced our paper usage. From client contracts to project management documents, our operations are becoming increasingly digital, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Visit the Rabbit Group's sustainability page to learn more about our group's approach to sustainability.