How much does demolition cost?

How much does demolition cost?

Demolition is a vital aspect of many construction projects and, depending on the size and number of the buildings or structures that need to be demolished, can be a significant item on a project’s budget. In this article we look at answering the question – how much does demolition cost?

In simple terms the cost of demolition is largely dictated by the number, size and complexity of the buildings or structures that need to be demolished. Small-scale demolition of a small, single storey building can cost as little as a few thousand pounds. However, large-scale demolition projects, such as the demolition of high rise buildings, can run into many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

What is included in the cost of demolition?

All of Rabbit Demolition’s demolition projects are priced on the total work required, not just the demolition itself. Project costs include any preparation work required prior to the demolition of any buildings or structures, as well as subsequent site clearance, recycling or concrete crushing, as required.

Preparing for a demolition project includes an initial site visit and analysis, tendering, contract creation, plus completing health and safety paperwork, as well as asbestos surveys, risk assessments and the consideration of environmental issues and planning permissions.

We will assist our customers in any way we can with the preparations for their demolition project, taking into account any unique requirements that need to be factored in.

Projects are assessed on an individual basis, bearing in mind the different budgets involved and timescales that need to be worked to.

The cost of choosing the wrong demolition company

Demolition generally comes at the start of any construction works and, for this reason, it’s vital that it stays on budget, runs on time and doesn’t cause delays for other contractors further down the line.

Opting for the cheapest demolition services provider is therefore not always the best policy. By choosing the cheapest option you may run the risk of employing a demolition company which is lacking in experience and knowledge of the host of different types of demolition and of dealing with common issues. A cheaper demolition services supplier may also lack experienced operators, the full range of resources required, be less reliable and possibly not have the correct level of insurance. These pitfalls can end up costing you more in the long run, not only in wasted time, but in creating a much higher financial cost than originally thought.

Work may have to be redone or your chosen demolition company may not arrive on site on time, holding up the project right from the very start. Worse still, you could fall victim to a demolition company that doesn’t take all legislation and health and safety procedures into account, which in turn, can lead to accidents and even cost lives, because the demolition hasn’t been carried out correctly.

Getting the best demolition cost for your project

When choosing the best demolition company for your project, it’s important to be sure that the job will be carried out efficiently, expertly, legally (and therefore safely), on budget and on time. It’s these factors that will guarantee you get the very best demolition services for your budget right from the start of your project.

Rabbit Demolition understands that every business is looking for ways to save money. And for this reason our demolition experts will look for every cost effective solution when preparing the cost of our demolition projects.

In addition, once the demolition work is complete, we are diligent in separating out the various materials, such as metal, concrete, timber and plasterboard, to ensure they are recycled and disposed of correctly. As well as benefiting the environment, by recycling as much waste as we can, we know that this will also save our customers on their total demolition cost.

As part of the Rabbit Group, all demolition waste produced in the surrounding area is transported on our own fleet of dedicated vehicles to our modern Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) located in Lancing, Sussex which is also the treatment facility for the entire Rabbit skip and rolonoff fleet collecting waste throughout Sussex.

Upon arrival the waste is assessed then sorted mechanically to remove any material that can be reused or recycled with the remaining residue being recovered into one of two fuel types. Biomass/wood, which we use as fuel in our own onsite Energy recovery Facility to generate 5 megawatts of green electricity which powers approximately 8,000 homes or refuse derived fuel (RDF) which is supplied to other local power stations for energy generation.

The Waste Hierarchy is applied, and all waste transported to Lancing is reused, recycled or recovered. At Rabbit we do not resort to landfilling material as so many of our competitors still do.

Our demolition experts will check that only the correct machinery is used for your demolition project and we can also make the most of the other services which we have in house at the Rabbit Group, such as plant hire, portable toilet hire and skip hire, where necessary. This in turn could help lower the cost of your demolition.

Ask a demolition expert

If you have any questions about the cost of demolition services we provide, then get in touch with a member of our demolition team today for more details. We look forward to helping you get the best demolition services for your budget.