Extensive site clearance & demolition

Client Information

Name: Rocco Homes

Sector: Property development

Project Overview

Location: 32 Love Walk, Camberwell, Greater London.

Project Date: June - August 2022

Rabbit Demolition was engaged by Rocco Homes for a significant project located at 32 Love Walk in the vibrant area of Camberwell, Greater London, entailing the site clearance and demolition of a residential property.

A unique aspect of this project was the condition of the property and its grounds. The house and its surrounding area were laden with rubbish and various items left behind by the previous owner. Additionally, the garden area was completely overgrown, presenting further challenges for the clearance and demolition process.

Our team undertook the task of meticulously clearing the site, removing all rubbish and unwanted items to prepare for the demolition of the house. This comprehensive clearance process was crucial for the safe and efficient demolition of the structure.

Challenges and Considerations

  • Access Issues Due to Accumulated Rubbish

The demolition project presented a significant initial challenge due to the extensive amount of rubbish accumulated both inside the house and in the garden. This excess waste created access difficulties, necessitating a comprehensive approach to site clearance before any demolition work could begin. The team faced the task of meticulously clearing a large volume of detritus to ensure safe and unobstructed access to all areas of the property.

Client Testimonial

“We can highly recommend Rabbit Demolition for their outstanding demolition service. Their team is not only easy to work with but also remarkably diligent, ensuring a smooth and efficient process at the beginning of our housing development projects.”

Greg Hoare - Rocco Homes