Demolition Site Safety Musts

Most construction sites come with serious safety hazards. Ones which must be properly and carefully risk assessed, in order to prevent injury and fatalities from happening, not only to people working onsite, but also those nearby.

On a demolition site, it’s no different. In addition to the usual construction site safety essentials, the presence of large heavy machinery and falling demolition debris means that demolition site safety is even more vital.

When planning your demolition project, the following factors must be taken into consideration and properly dealt with. Advance planning and the correct levels of risk assessment are key to achieving the very best possible outcome.

If you’re in charge of a demolition project, then be sure to check that the following points have been taken into account:

  • Ordering and wearing of PPE, including hard hats, safety gloves and glasses, hi-vis clothing, site boots, ear protectors, dust masks
  • Noise, dust and vibration monitoring
  • Asbestos survey, prior to work commencing
  • Keeping site clear of waste and other trip hazards
  • Implementation of correct traffic and pedestrian management
  • Properly trained, qualified and experienced personnel onsite
  • Site cleanliness – eg correct toilet and hand washing facilities, drinking water etc
  • Site security – preventing the possibility of crimes such as vandalism, trespassing and theft from taking place
  • Correct information and safety signage is used
  • A site safety file is created with all the relevant H&S documents required by legislation and company procedure

Wearing the right PPE and safety equipment

It’s one thing to know what PPE and safety equipment you need on a demolition site, another to order it in the correct quantities and sizes and then another to ensure it is worn properly by your workforce.

Make sure you have done a thorough review of what’s required and that you have ordered it from a reputable PPE and safety equipment supplier.

All PPE, safety equipment and safety signage should meet the legal standards required to ensure demolition site safety. In addition, be sure to check that your workforce is complying with the rules around demolition site safety and wearing their PPE correctly, at all times.

Protecting the environment around you

It might be easy to only consider the safety of the people involved in your demolition project, but it’s also important to think about the health and wellbeing of those who are nearby. For example, what impact will the levels of noise and vibrations have, should there be residential properties or places of work nearby? Are there lots of people in the close vicinity of the site who will need to be protected from the levels of dust?

An asbestos survey, prior to any demolition project, is also vital to protect everyone who might come into contact with this highly dangerous substance, including passers by, should it be present in the building and become disturbed by the demolition project once it begins.

In addition, traffic management measures may well be needed for people moving near to the site, because of the higher volume of traffic, which includes heavy demolition vehicles.

Ask a demolition expert

If you have any questions about demolition site safety and ensuring your site meets all necessary safety requirements, then get in touch with a member of our demolition team today for more details.