Asbestos removal plus soft-strip demolition

Client Information

Name: Hargreaves Properties Ltd

Sector: Property investment & development

Project Overview

Location: Dolphin Rd, Shoreham by Sea

Project Date: September - November 2021

Rabbit Demolition was brought in by property investment and development company Hargreaves Properties Ltd to demolish a two-storey structure on Dolphin Rd in the West Sussex town of Shoreham by Sea.

The demolition process began with a comprehensive asbestos removal phase to a licensed asbestos disposal facility.  This crucial step was undertaken with the utmost care and adherence to safety standards, ensuring that all hazardous materials were safely and effectively removed from the site.

Following the asbestos removal, our team proceeded with an internal soft-strip of the building. This phase involved the careful dismantling of interior elements, preparing the structure for the final stage of demolition.

The mechanical demolition was then conducted by Rabbit Demolition's skilled operatives. Utilising state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, the team efficiently brought down the remaining structure, ensuring that all demolition activities were performed safely, responsibly, and in accordance with environmental guidelines.

This project highlighted Rabbit Demolition's expertise in handling complex demolition projects, from hazardous material removal to precise mechanical demolition, aligning with Hargreaves Properties Ltd's commitment to excellence in property development.

Challenges and Considerations

The demolition project involved several key challenges and considerations that were meticulously managed to ensure the project's success.

  • Site Set-up and Asbestos Removal

A primary challenge was the safe removal of asbestos, a hazardous material present in the building. Licensed asbestos removal contractors were engaged for this critical task, ensuring that all asbestos was removed in compliance with strict safety and environmental standards. The safe handling and disposal of asbestos were paramount to protect both the demolition team and the surrounding environment.

  • Key Features or Techniques

Soft strip techniques were employed in the main warehouse area before the commencement of structural demolition works. This approach involved the careful removal of non-structural elements within the building, allowing for a more controlled and efficient demolition of the structure itself.

Environmental and Community Impact

Throughout the demolition project, Rabbit Demolition implemented effective measures to minimise environmental and community impact. Debris netting was strategically installed along the boundary fence line to control dust transfer to neighbouring properties. This measure was particularly important in mitigating the impact of demolition activities on local residents and maintaining good community relations.

Additionally, waste management was handled with a strong focus on sustainability. All segregated waste materials were systematically loaded into Rabbit Skips and transported to our dedicated waste transfer facility. This process ensured efficient recycling and disposal, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility and reducing the overall ecological footprint of the demolition process.