Complex tank removal with unforeseen complications

Client Information

Name: Rocco Homes

Sector: Property development

Project Overview

Location: Sanderstead Rd, South Croydon

Project Date: January - April 2021

Rabbit Demolition was commissioned by property developer Rocco Homes for a significant project on Sanderstead Rd, South Croydon, involving the demolition of a former petrol station, a task requiring meticulous planning and execution due to the complexity of the site.

A critical component of the project was the removal and decommissioning of the fuel tanks by a qualified tank decommissioning sub-contractor. This process was carried out with the utmost precision and adherence to safety and environmental standards, ensuring no risk to the surrounding community or the environment. Our team's expertise in handling such sensitive demolition tasks was instrumental in the smooth and successful completion of this project.

This demolition was a vital step in preparing the site for its next phase of development under the guidance of Rocco Homes, further cementing Rabbit Demolition's reputation as a trusted partner in property development projects.

Challenges and Considerations

The demolition project on Sanderstead Rd, South Croydon, for Rocco Homes presented unexpected challenges, necessitating agile response and strategic replanning.

  • Unexpected Discovery of Additional Fuel Tanks

A significant challenge arose when the team discovered more fuel tanks than had been anticipated. While it was initially believed that the site contained only two fuel tanks, our team on the ground uncovered a total of five. Complicating the situation further, one of these tanks extended beneath the boundary of the neighbouring property. This unforeseen circumstance demanded a swift reassessment of the demolition strategy, particularly regarding the tank removal process.

  • Revised Planning and Execution

Due to the discovery of the additional fuel tanks and their encroachment beyond the property boundary, the original plan for tank removal had to be completely revised. This involved intricate replanning and close liaison with specialists, who provided the necessary expertise for this complex task. The revised approach was critical to ensure the safe and successful decommissioning and removal of all tanks, particularly the one beneath the neighbouring property.

  • Key Features or Techniques

The project highlighted the importance of adaptability and effective communication with specialists in demolition projects. The ability to rapidly re-plan and execute complex tasks in response to unforeseen challenges was pivotal in meeting the project's goals.

Environmental and Community Impact

The successful removal and decommissioning of all fuel tanks had a significant positive impact on both the environment and the local community. This task, executed with precision and care, ensured that potential environmental hazards were mitigated. The thorough and responsible handling of the tanks eliminated the risk of soil and groundwater contamination, contributing to the long-term safety and wellbeing of the surrounding community. This project underscores Rabbit Demolition's commitment to environmental stewardship and community safety in all its operations.

Client Testimonial

“We can highly recommend Rabbit Demolition for their outstanding demolition service. Their team is not only easy to work with but also remarkably diligent, ensuring a smooth and efficient process at the beginning of our housing development projects.”

Greg Hoare - Developer of Rocco Homes