Underground Tank Decommissioning and Site Clearance

Client Information

Name: Rocco Homes

Sector: Property development

Project Overview

Location: Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex

Project Date: August - October 2017

Rabbit Demolition was entrusted with a vital project by Rocco Homes, a prominent name in property development. The project involved the meticulous decommissioning and removal of underground tanks at a former Texaco Garage site on Kingsway in Hove, East Sussex. The comprehensive scope of work included the demolition of all existing buildings and the complete clearance of the site. This preparatory work was a crucial step in paving the way for the development of an eight-storey residential property.

Challenges and Considerations

The Kingsway project presented unique challenges, primarily due to the site's history as a fuel station. The presence of underground fuel tanks necessitated a careful and methodical approach to ensure safety and compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Decommissioning of Fuel Tanks

One of the primary challenges was the decommissioning of the former fuel tanks, a process requiring specialised expertise and precision. Rabbit Demolition brought in specialist contractors with the necessary qualifications, skills and experience to safely decommission the tanks and prevent any contamination of the surrounding environment, as well as ensure the safety of the workers and the local community.

  • Adherence to Safety and Environmental Standards

Stringent safety protocols and environmental considerations were at the forefront of this project due to the nature of the materials involved and the potential environmental risks. With a commitment to the highest standards of safety and environmental care, the Rabbit Demolition team not only safely decommissioned the fuel tanks but also handled and disposed of all materials removed from the site.

Environmental and Community Impact

Rabbit Demolition, known for its commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being, ensured that all waste material generated during the demolition process was taken to our Energy Recovery Facility. This conscientious approach aligned with our sustainability goals, ensuring that none of the waste material reached landfill.

Client Testimonial

“We can highly recommend Rabbit Demolition for their outstanding demolition service. Their team is not only easy to work with but also remarkably diligent, ensuring a smooth and efficient process at the beginning of our housing development projects.”

Greg Hoare - Developer of Rocco Homes