Critical emergency demolition

Client Information

Name: Robinson & Co Ltd

Sector: Chartered Accountants

Project Overview

Location: Lordswood Industrial Estate, Chatham, Kent

Project Date: May - December 2019

Rabbit Demolition undertook a critical emergency demolition project at the Lordswood Industrial Estate for chartered accountancy firm Robinson & Co Ltd following a serious fire at their premises, which also impacted an adjacent warehouse.

The project's main focus was to conduct immediate and safe demolition works, starting with emergency propping to secure the structurally compromised buildings. The scope of work extended to the thorough clearance of all internal structures, including demountable components, mezzanine floors and various equipment from a number of units affected by the fire.

This project exemplified Rabbit Demolition's rapid response capabilities and expertise in managing and executing emergency demolition operations under critical circumstances.

Challenges and Considerations

The emergency demolition project for Robinson & Co Ltd presented unique challenges, necessitating a strategic and safety-focused approach due to the urgency and complexity of the situation.

  • Emergency Propping for Structural Safety

A critical challenge in this project was ensuring the structural safety of the fire-damaged buildings. The immediate requirement was to implement emergency propping works, a task demanding precise engineering and quick action to stabilise the compromised structures and prevent further deterioration or potential collapse. Our team's expertise in emergency response was crucial in swiftly erecting support structures to ensure the safety of the demolition crew and the prevention of additional damage to surrounding areas.

  • Comprehensive Removal and Clearance

The removal and clearance of all fire-damaged structures was a hugely complex task, given the extent of the damage and the need to carefully dismantle and remove fire-compromised materials. The project required meticulous planning and execution to ensure that all affected structures were safely demolished and cleared, while minimising the risk of any secondary damage during the process.

Environmental and Community Impact

Rabbit Demolition prioritised environmentally responsible practices in the emergency demolition at Lordswood Industrial Estate. Our team ensured the meticulous removal and appropriate disposal of all waste, significantly reducing the project's impact on the environment.