Demolition of Historic Pub

Client Information

Name: NewSpace Projects

Sector: Construction Project Management

Project Overview

Location: Richmond Rd, Worthing

Project Date: June - July 2022

NewSpace Projects, a prominent entity in construction project management, engaged Rabbit Demolition for a key project in Worthing involving the demolition of the former Wheatsheaf pub.

The project's main objective was to efficiently demolish the existing structure and clear the site, paving the way for future developments. Our team's approach combined strategic planning with meticulous execution, ensuring the demolition process was conducted safely, effectively, and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Given the site's history and location, the demolition required careful consideration of both the physical aspects of the building and the potential impact on the surrounding area. The project was executed with a focus on minimising disruption to the local community, while ensuring all materials and debris were managed in an environmentally conscious way.

Challenges and Considerations

Fire Damage and Structural Instability

A significant challenge in this project was the instability of the structure due to previous fire damage. The fire had compromised the integrity of the building, making it potentially hazardous and unstable. Addressing this issue was critical to ensure the safety of the demolition crew and to prevent any collateral damage to nearby structures and areas.

Environmental and Community Impact

In the demolition project  significant measures were taken to minimise environmental and community impact. NewSpace Projects, understanding the importance of maintaining a safe and unobtrusive work environment, installed perimeter hoarding around the site. This hoarding effectively contained all demolition activities within a defined boundary, ensuring that any potential debris, noise, and dust were limited to the immediate area of the works.