Eco and community-friendly demolition

Client Information

Name: Westbrooke Developments / Roffey Homes

Sector: Property development

Project Overview

Location: Sussex County Cricket Ground, Eaton Rd, Hove

Project Date: December 2020 - January 2021

Rabbit Demolition was selected by Westbrooke Developments / Roffey Homes, renowned developers of luxury apartments, for a key project at the Sussex County Cricket Ground. The project involved the demolition of the former Sussex Cricketer Pub, a domestic dwelling and a wooden building on the grounds.

A significant aspect of this project was the environmentally conscious handling of demolition waste. Our team meticulously crushed all waste concrete and hardcore, repurposing these materials for use in the new development, a sustainable approach that not only aided in waste reduction but also contributed to the eco-friendliness of the redevelopment project.

Additionally, we ensured the thorough removal of all other waste materials and the complete clearance of the site, preparing it for the next phase of development. This project showcased Rabbit Demolition's ability to efficiently manage and execute demolition works while adhering to sustainable practices and preparing the groundwork for future luxury developments.

Challenges and Considerations

The demolition project at Sussex County Cricket Ground, undertaken for the development of luxury apartments, presented specific challenges that required careful planning and execution.

  • Safe Demolition Using Scaffolding

Extensive scaffolding was erected around the demolition sites to ensure safety throughout the demolition process. The use of scaffolding not only ensured the safety of our demolition crew but also protected the integrity of the surrounding areas during the demolition work.

  • CCTV Survey of Drainage System

In line with the client's instructions, we arranged a comprehensive CCTV survey of the site's drainage system to identify any potential issues that could impact the demolition and subsequent construction phases. By proactively addressing these considerations, we ensured that the infrastructure of the site was preserved and suitable for the upcoming development.

Environmental and Community Impact

Rabbit Demolition implemented strict noise and dust control measures, recognising the site's close proximity to residential areas. These measures were essential to minimise disruption to the local community and maintain a harmonious relationship with nearby residents. Additionally, the project included specific measures for tree and associated tree root protection, ensuring that the natural landscape was preserved and protected throughout the demolition process. This approach underlined our commitment to environmental care and community consideration in every aspect of our work.