Revitalising Surbiton's Urban Landscape

Client Information

Name: Rocco Homes

Sector: Property development

Project Overview

Rocco Homes, a leading name in property development, embarked on a transformative journey to rejuvenate Surbiton's urban landscape. Their vision for the revival of 64-68 Brighton Road led them to partner with Rabbit Demolition for the demolition of the former Jewsons Merchants premises.

Challenges and Considerations

The project posed unique challenges due to its prime location along a busy main road flanked by businesses and residential dwellings. However, Rabbit Demolition's expertise shone through as they meticulously navigated these complexities.

Key features and techniques:

A standout feature of the project was Rabbit Demolition's thorough approach to protecting neighbouring properties. Recognising the importance of minimising disruption and preserving community harmony, they chose to demolish one shop on the premises by hand, a painstaking method to ensure that surrounding properties remained unscathed, underscoring Rabbit Demolition's commitment to responsible demolition practices.

The final outcome:

Despite the challenges presented by the project's location, Rabbit Demolition achieved the primary goal of clearing the site, paving the way for future redevelopment. The successful clearance of 64-68 Brighton Roadd marks a significant milestone in Rocco Homes' journey toward urban rejuvenation.

Partnering with Rabbit Demolition guarantees not only efficient and professional demolition services but also a steadfast dedication to integrity and community welfare.

Rabbit Demolition is an established and expert demolition company with the ability to handle demolition projects of all sizes, incorporating all elements of the removal and clearing processes which surround unwanted buildings and construction sites.

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Images from the project