Environmental and materials management

Client Information

Name: Roffey Homes

Sector: Property development

Project Overview

Location: Lyndhurst Rd, Worthing, West Sussex

Project Date: December 2022 - January 2023

Rabbit Demolition was selected by luxury apartment developer Roffey Homes for a pivotal demolition project in Worthing, West Sussex, involving the demolition of a two-storey building, previously used as nurses’ accommodation.

The objective of this demolition was to clear the site for the development of a new four-storey block comprising 30 apartments. Given the building's former use and its location in a residential area, the demolition required careful planning and execution. Our team employed a strategic approach, ensuring that the demolition was conducted safely, efficiently and with minimal disruption to the surrounding community.

Challenges and Considerations

  • Soft-Stripping and Demolition with Root Protection

A key challenge in the demolition project was managing the soft-stripping and subsequent demolition while taking into account the root protection area around existing trees. Preserving these trees and their root systems was crucial to maintaining the ecological balance and aesthetic value of the site. The team employed careful methods to ensure that the demolition activities did not adversely affect these protected areas.

  • Crushing Concrete and Hardcore for Reuse

Another important aspect of the project was the handling of concrete and hardcore materials. After the demolition, these materials were crushed and retained on-site. This process was part of a sustainable approach to demolition, allowing these materials to be repurposed in the development of the new property, thereby reducing waste and the need for new resources.

Environmental and Community Impact

The demolition project was marked by a strong commitment to environmental preservation and community welfare.

  • Tree Root Protection

A significant environmental consideration was the protection of the root area around existing trees on the site. Special measures were implemented to ensure that these roots were not disturbed during the demolition process, preserving the natural landscape and contributing to the ecological balance of the area.

  • Sustainable Materials Management

In line with sustainable practices, the concrete and hardcore resulting from the demolition were crushed and retained on-site. This material will be repurposed in the construction of the new property development, significantly reducing waste and the need for new construction materials. This approach not only benefits the environment by minimising waste but also serves the community by contributing to the sustainable development of the area.

Client Testimonials

“Having relied on Rabbit Demolition for many years, we recently engaged their services for demolition and clearance of a site in Worthing in preparation for the construction of new-build apartments.  The experience was seamless from start to finish.  Rabbit Demolition as always proved to be easy to work with, displaying a helpful and local approach that truly sets them apart.

They not only completed the project within the agreed timeframe but also demonstrated a high level of professionalism throughout.  I would happily recommend Rabbit Demolition to others seeking demolition services.”

Simon Snow - Project Manager, Roffey Homes