Choosing The Right Demolition Company

Choosing The Right Demolition Company

When you are looking for a local demolition company, there are a number of important things to check before you agree to hire them. But if you haven’t used demolition contractors before, it can be tricky to know where to start. To help you choose the right demolition company, we’ve listed some key criteria to look out for.

Scope of demolition company services

Not all demolition companies can provide the same type of services, so the first thing to do is to ensure they have the right capabilities for the job at hand. Specialist equipment may be needed for particular parts of the demolition process, and you will need a company that matches your requirements.

For example, we can provide high and ultra-high demolition services using a purpose-built, multi-boom or telescopic boom that can reach heights of up to 15 metres. We also offer top down demolition services for high-rise buildings and have a dedicated waste disposal team ready to clear the site once the demolition work has been completed.

Get more than one demolition company quote

In order to receive the best value for money, you should look for multiple quotes when searching for the right demolition company. However, be careful not to overload yourself with too many, as it can get confusing, so 3-4 should be enough to get a good idea of average costs and services they can provide. Avoid using one quote to leverage against another, as while you may be working to a budget and want the lowest price possible, it won’t fully determine the quality of service you receive.

A demolition company that sticks to their original quotation will likely have faith in their services, while a firm that quickly lowers their price could be making compromises that affect the overall quality of their demolition work. At Rabbit Demolition, we provide transparent quotes for every project, with no hidden costs or last-minute fees, so you always know where you stand.

Insurance and health and safety

A reputable, qualified demolition company will have public liability insurance that ensures you are covered should anything go wrong once work begins. This gives you more assurance that your property is safe and being managed by a professional company from start to finish. Rabbit Demolition is covered by up to £10 million in liability insurance, so you always have all the protection you need.

Health and safety should be the number one priority for any demolition contractor, as it ensures that anyone working on the project has the right level of protection. We maintain a high standard of health & safety which is fully audited internally and externally.

Check their demolition company track record

Experience counts for a lot when it comes to demolition because you need to know the demolition contractors can get the job done to a good standard. Every project has its own particular issues that need to be assessed and resolved efficiently, as that will ensure deadlines and budgets are met. We have a wide range of case studies on our website that demonstrate the full scope of demolition services we can provide.

For example, we managed the removal of an underground tank and its decommissioning on the site of a former petrol station in South Croydon. All existing buildings and full clearance of the site was also managed by our team, as well as the safe removal of waste material.

Checking a demolition company’s track record also includes requesting references and testimonials, which a reputable demolition company should be more than happy to provide. And if you are still unsure, ask to speak with a previous client who will be able to give you direct feedback on the type of experience they had.

Organise a clear payment structure

Whether it’s a local demolition company or any other type of trade provider, it’s important to reach agreement on how payment will be made.

This is something that should be discussed once you have identified the demolition firm you want to hire and references have been checked. Be wary of companies that request large payments upfront, especially if the job does not require them to purchase any materials for the project. In the majority of cases, a demolition contractor should be happy to invoice for payment once the job has been completed and signed off to your satisfaction.

Demolition company hiring checklist

To recap the above, when choosing the right demolition company you should:

  • Check they offer the demolition services you need for the project
  • Get 3-4 quotes to get a good idea of costs
  • Ensure they have strong insurance cover and health and safety standards
  • Request references and testimonials to verify the quality of their work
  • Agree to a clear payment structure before work begins

Rabbit Demolition is a local demolition company operating in West Sussex and we are available further afield across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, and London.

To find out more about the services provided by the Rabbit Group and Rabbit Demolition, get in touch with our friendly team today on 01903 762020, email or leave us a message here.