Demolition Services

Rabbit is a leading demolition contractor with many years of experience in offering the highest standards in demolition services.

Using our excellent project management skills and proven demolition methods we ensure that even the most complex demolition projects run smoothly, on time and keep to budget from beginning to end.

Our demolition services are also carried out in the safest and most environmentally responsible manner, with the very minimum possible inconvenience caused to the general public.

From initial site surveys to the final clear-up, Rabbit demolition services are suitable for projects of all sizes. That's thanks to a large fleet of the most up-to-date equipment and a group of highly trained individuals that will get the job done professionally and well.

All demolition waste is also removed from the site and, if the demolition takes places in the Sussex area, it goes to our Energy Recovery Facility to be processed in an environmentally responsible way - ensuring no waste goes to landfill.

Read more about the types of demolition services we provide below:

High Reach Demolition Services

High or ultra high reach demolition is carried out using a 360° bespoke excavator base equipped with a purpose-built, multi-boom or telescopic boom that has a working height of 15 metres or more, to reduce the risks associated with operatives working at height.

The machine base has been strengthened to allow it to be operated in a safe manner when the front end equipment is fully extended. High Reach Excavators are also fitted with a Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) and a Falling Object Guard Screen (FOGS) cab which conforms to BS EN ISO 3449 & ISO 10262 to protect the operator. 

Top Down Demolition Services

Top down demolition is normally used for high rise buildings. In this process the building is taken down from the top to the bottom, floor by floor, in a way which allows for maximum control in terms of maintaining the integrity of the structure of the building while the demolition takes place.

The process involves scaffolding being set up around the building and then the machinery being hoisted up to the correct level for the demolition to take place.

As it is a technically challenging process, it requires large levels of expertise to ensure it is carried out safely and correctly.